Week 3: January 19th - 25th

Have you completed your Reading Check from Friday? 

 In this weeks lesson, Rocks, it will take you through the rock cycle; describing and explaining how different types of rocks form from natural processes such as sedimentary deposits and the heating, cooling, and pressure beneath Earth's surface. Sedimentary rocks are cemented sediments left behind by weathering and erosion. Igneous rocks form from cooled magma and lava. Metamorphic rocks have been changed through intense heat and extreme pressure. As earth material is constantly changing, the rock cycle has no beginning and no end; rocks are in a continuous state of transformation, creating a cycle of ever changing rocks. 

This weeks objectives are to:

  1. Identify the three major types of rocks and how do they form.
  2. Explain the formation of rocks results of the flow of energy and cycling of matter within the Earth.


Describing Rocks Lesson


How Rocks Form Lesson


The Cycling of Earth's Minerals Lesson


Rock Cycle Doodle Notes
Lesson 3 Rocks Reading Check


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